High Quality Servo Type Micro-slide 32 Wires Continuous Annealing Drawing Machine


Product Description

The machine is used for drawing 32 copper wires from max. Φ1.8mm to min. Φ0.15mm at same time.
The speed of main machine and take-up are all frequency controlled, and regulated by a PLC with professional program. Its tension is stable, and it has good synchronization. The elongation of copper wire is uniform. The speeds are precise at the states of start and stop, which reduces the length of raw wire.

No.ItemPerformance indexRemark
1Wire inlet diameter32*Φ1.8mm
2Wire outlet diameter32*Φ0.15mm
3Drawing pass24
5Max. drawing speed1500m/min
6Max. annealing speed1500m/minFor Φ0.2 output
7Max. annealing current3600ADC
8Max. annealing voltage55VDC
9Motors for main machine36~800NmPermanent magnet synchronous servo motors
10Motor for single spooler15kWSiemens BEIDE
11No-load noise≤85db
12Steam generator3m³/h
13Total power700kVA

Type: Overhead and vertical type.
Max. basket size: Φ1150mm.
There is a alarm of wire break.
1.Capstans are placed on one line, and it is easier to maintain than two lines arrangement type.
2.Drawing capstans is made of 45# steel through treatments of forging, hardening and tempering, and coated by Zirconia ceramic ring, to increase lifetime.
3.There is a seal ring on the final die holder to prevent lubricant linkage.
4.Bearing lubricant oil pump is set externally and driven by a dedicated motor independently connected with electrical system.

It has an air pressure sensor. When air pressure is lower than set value, it will send out a stop signal. It is safe and reliable.
The spooler is full welding structure. It is compact, good rigidity, and easy for installation.

No.ItemPerformance indexRemark
1Suitable wire diameterΦ0.15~0.8mm
2Spool sizePND630PND500 is compatible
3Max take-up speed25m/swhen bobbin size≥Φ350
4Spooler motors15kW/1470rpmYX2-220M-4
5Traversing motorServo motorYASKAWA
6Traversing pitch6mm/rInfinitely adjustable
7Traverse max width460mm
8Traversing motor1.5kW
9Clamp typePneumaticMechanical lock in case of reversing
10Brake wayPneumatic brake
11Meter counting error ratio≤3‰
12Take-up no-load noise85db

Electrical control system
There is a remote monitoring system, which can send the machine information and alarm to our service technician. Our service team can prevent the failures and solve some problem remotely. This system can improve running stability and reduce maintenance time.

No.ItemPerformance indexRemark
1Power380V/50HzThree phases five wires
2Motor driverInvertorsDanfess
4Color touch screen5.6 inSiemens
5Relay and contactor<63ASiemens
6Relay and contactor≥63AMade in China
8Contactor≥63AMade in China
9Air switch<63ASiemens
10Air switch≥63AMade in China


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