Electric Wire and Cable Extrusion Production Line


Technical diagram

I SJ30 X 25 ~ SJ200 X 25 Plastic extruder

Structure feature:

– Integral frame has nice rigidity and intensity, made of high quality recetangle steel, easy for installation work.

– Screw & barrel are special designed, made of 38 CrMoAIA precision processing high quality alloy steel, with precision processing treatment, surface is nitrogen treated, nitrogen depth is within >0.5mm~<0.7mm, hardness is >940, brittleness is not big than grade 2.

– Suitable for use special screw to extruder compound of PVC, PE, LSHF (Low-smoke halogen-free), satisfy customers different technics requirements.

– Adopt high quality hardness gears (JHM series) special gearbox, which has advantage such as big capacity, high precision, low noise, high coefficient of safety, and long working life.

– The main extruder of Dia. 90~200 series adopt independent motor for oil pump circulation and cooling, which is more safe and reliable.

– (Optional part) Special designed material feeding device has drain out exit, it is convenient to change material during line stop, save time and material.

– Cross-head connection is “half-type”, easy for assembling work and it is reliable.

– Body heater has three types for customers’s choice:
1.) casting AI heater
2.) ceramic heater & cooper fin radiator
3.) new type induction heater

Main technical parameters:

Type & Size Screw Dia. (mm) L/D ratio Screw speed (rpm) Main motor (kw) Barrel heating power (kw) Temp. contr. zones (body/cross head) Max. output capacity (PVC) (kg/h)
SJ30X25 20 25:1 5-150 11 3.6 3/2 20
SJ45X25 45 25:1 10-120 15 9 3/2 50
SJ65X25 65 25:1 10-100 30 16 4/4 120
SJ90X25 90 25:1 10-100 90 30 4/4 280
SJ120X25 120 25:1 7-68 132 54 6/4 580
SJ150X25 150 25:1 6-60 185 88 6/4 880
SJ200X25 200 25:1 4-40 250 140 7/4 1100

High Performance Coaxial Cable / Power Cable Extruding Line/Cable Wire Extrusion & Insulation Sheath Extruder

II. SJ30 X 25 ~ SJ200 X 25 series insulation & sheathing extrusion production line


– This production line is used for producing PVC, PE, LSHF (Low-smoke halogen free) cable insulation layer or sheathing layer.

Main technical parmaters:

Extruder spec.: Dia 30, 45, 65, 90, 120, 150, 200 etc.
Screw parameters: L/D ratio: 25:1 or 30:1
Type: tapered screw, LSHF screw or BM type (user’s option)
Whole stainless steel cooling water tank: total length 12-32m (depends on types) unit end is equipped with telescopic water tank.
Traveling distance is 300-600mm
Caterpillar: TQD 100~4000 caterpillar puller (depend on actual type)
Line speed: 30m – 200m/min (depending on actual type)
Tke up and pay-off reels specification: PN500-PN5000 (depend on actual type)


– The line can be configured and combined flexibly depending on technological requirements, thus featuring easy use.

– Extruder main unit and puller are driven by Z4 DC motor (or frequency conversion motor), controlled by imported full-digital speed-control device.

– Extruder body and head are equipped with RKC temperature control instrument with control-accuracy < ±2°C.

– Pay-off & Take-up adopts new shaftless structure (portal type or gantry type), bobbin loading & unloading without crane.

– Large sheath machine unit adopts front and rear double-hauling, equipped with special synchronous control circuit, ensuring that the cables are not scratched and damaged un water tank.

– The line is controlled by PLC, featuring steady and reliable preformance. It is possible for users to adopt industrial computer (PC) and main-control touch screen.

– The line is centrally controlled, to realize automatic production.

High Performance Coaxial Cable / Power Cable Extruding Line/Cable Wire Extrusion & Insulation Sheath Extruder

III. TQD series pneumatic belt caterpillar


– Mainly for usage of wire and cable production line in single or in front and rear double haul-off purpose.

Structure and feature:

– Integral frame has nice appearance which is welded by high quality bending steel

– Equipment transmission is via motor – gearbox – gear reducer – up& low helical gear – hard drive structure, transmission is smooth, high loading capacity, easy maintenance.

– Whole series has more than 10 sizes from 200kg to 15000kg, two kinds of speed regulation structure of Z4 DC motor and frequency motor could be choose at customer’ needs.

– Equipped with electronical meter counter, real-time display line speed and length.

– Prepare transmission shaft structure, for matching production of laying up production line, armoring production line, and copper tape screen and lapping production line.

– Tension is controlled by magnetic powder clutch, use for front haul-off device of insulation and sheathing production line, tension is instantaneous adjustable, to prevent cable scrape in the water trough, and insure synchronization and diameter of cable.

– The small size caterpillar has whole frame with movable function, convenient for customer use to special technical requirement, and efficiently increase belt life.


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