Fiber Optical Cable Aramid Armouring Equipment


A. Equipment Description

Aramid machine transmission system consists of motor, reducer, timing belt pulleys and other components, transmission power is transmitted to the stranding body, making the body twist around the center tube.

Stranding pitch is adjusted via level moving within a certain range. Pneumatic brakes installed on the strander, for purpose of shutdown or accident.

The electrical control part adopts PLC to establish communication with other devices, single-action, interaction and synchronization.
Security guard prevents accidents during aramid machine at high speed.

Aromatic Polyamid fibre armorin machine

Main Technical Parameter
Aramid yarn group head 12 or 24 heads
Winch speed 100rpm
Aramid off tension adjustment range 4-20N
Center height 1000mm
Yarn specification 290x 94x 290mm
Max cable diameter 5-30mm
Strand material Aramid yarn, glass yarn, water blocking yarn
Stranding direction Left or right
 Operation direction from right to left
Aramid tension control mode Magnetic remanence brake
Main motor 7.5kw variable frequency motor
Controller Danfoss FC302

Aromatic Polyamid fibre armorin machine


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