High Accurate Belt Type Meter Counter for Steel Rope&Cable Length Measuring


Product Description

High Accurate Belt Type Meter Counter for Steel Rope&Cable Length Measuring^
Belt type high precision meter counter is a special equipment used to measure the length of cables and other media. The tracked meter counter is dragged together after the measuring medium is clamped by the upper and lower tracks. The length of the crawler is the length of the measured medium. The length of the crawler track is the length of the pitch line that the crawler wheel turns, that is, the product of the crawler wheel pitch and the number of teeth. The encoder installed on the active crawler shaft measures the number of turns the crawler has turned. After conversion, the length of the medium can be obtained and recorded. The upper crawler is lifted up and down by the hand wheel and the screw rod, and the lower crawler is lifted up and down by the air cylinder. The lifting distance is determined by the outer diameter of the medium being measured.

II.Main parameters
Two horizontal guide wheels are used, the meter wheel is plated with hard chrome, and the compression wheel is covered with polyurethane to increase the friction. The compression is controlled by the cylinder and controlled by the SMC pressure regulating valve. The meter is mechanically counted, with encoder output, which can be connected to customers PLC as an electronic meter signal

Diameter of meter wheel: 159.15
Wire diameter: Φ30~150
The number of meters is displayed on the electronic meter counter
Meter counting accuracy: ±0.1%

Relevant machinery

– Cable extrusion machine
The unit comfortable soft PVC, such as poly(PVC by hot press method to be extruded insulation wire core)
B.Technical parameter

Type & Size Screw Dia. (mm) L/D ratio Screw speed (rpm) Main motor (kw) Barrel heating power (kw) Temp. contr. zones (body/cross head) Max. output capacity (PVC) (kg/h)
SJ30X25 20 25:1 5-150 11 3.6 3/2 20
SJ45X25 45 25:1 10-120 15 9 3/2 50
SJ65X25 65 25:1 10-100 30 16 4/4 120
SJ90X25 90 25:1 10-100 90 30 4/4 280
SJ120X25 120 25:1 7-68 132 54 6/4 580
SJ150X25 150 25:1 6-60 185 88 6/4 880
SJ200X25 200 25:1 4-40 250 140 7/4 1100


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