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Enhance Cable Production with Advanced Coating and Packaging Equipment

Are you looking to step up your cable production game with state-of-the-art coating and packaging machinery? Look no further! Our cutting-edge equipment is here to revolutionize your production process
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Different kinds of cable bobbin for you to choose

1. High speed bobbin 2.Single layer Punching bobbin 3.Delivery bobbins for cables, specially designed for loading reels when cables are shipped 4.This product is made of high-strength PA-757K ABS
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Power cable production workshop

Introduction: This article aims to highlight the manufacturing capabilities of our cable factory and elucidate why customers should trust us as their preferred supplier. Section 1: State-of-the-Art Infrastructure Our
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longterm-cable take up machine

Automatic cantilever type take-up and winding machine for wire and cable

Product Description Take-up and pay-off machine are mainly used for winding various signal cable, optical cable, etc. Feature of machine The whole machine adopts a cantilever type without pulley
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150 High Quality Electric Wire/ Cable Making Machine, Cable Sheathing/Insulated Extruder

Application The unit comfortable soft PVC,such as poly(PVC by hot press method to be extruded insulation wire core) The production line to the requirement of working environment Temperature:0-45 degrees
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Cable Pusher 20kN for our subsea cable projects

I.Equipment Application: Mainly used for various cable production lines for single machine or front and rear double traction. II.Application: 1. The whole frame is made of a high-quality steel
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long service life electric cable wire plastic bobbin

Product Name steel spool bobbin for wire production Material stainless steel or as your requirement Usage Wire Cable Rope Flange Diameter 100mm-1500mm Brand HLT Place of Origin Jiangsu, China(mainland)
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Cable caterpillar

Wire&Cable Haul-off Machine and Cable Caterpillar Puller Machine

I. Equipment Application: Mainly used for various cable production lines for single machine or front and rear double traction. II. Application: 1. The whole frame is made of high-quality
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High Speed Double Steel Reel Wire and Cable Bobbin for Cable Stranding

Production line is suitable for medium and high voltage single core or multiple core power cable sheath of extruded and double layer extruded at a time. Suitable material for
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laser diameter measurement for wire and cable

FEATURES: Non-contact measurement / Nondestructive measured surface/ 600 times per second scan/ Advanced DSP data processing technology / Long life semiconductor lasers / High reliable brushless motors /Circle free
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