JLK rigid frame type Strander



The machine is used for stranding insulated cable core of control cable and steel wire armoring for cable.

  • Control Cables Assembly with Back Twist
  • Signal Cables Assembly with Back Twist
  • Insulated Cables Assembly such as Robot Cables with Back Twist
2.Machine Technical Parameter
(mm) Reel Size (rpm) Max. Rotation Speed (min) Single Wire Diameter
6B 12B 18B
6400 140 125 110 <D1.0 ~<D4.0
500 115 105 90 <D1.5 ~(D5.0
3.JLY F800/6+F400/9 Planetary Strander
  1. Main parts
    1. Φ800 stationary pay-off                        1 set
    2. Wire guiding stand                                 1 set
    3. F800/6+F400/9 cage                             1 set
    4. Die holder                                             1 set
    5. F400/4 taping head                                1 set
    6. Mechanical meter counter                    1 set
    7. F2000 Dual wheel capstan                 1 set
    8. F1600 Portal type take-up                     1 set
    9. Mechanical transmission system        1 set
    10. Electrical control system                      1 set
    11. Safety fence                                          1 set
4.Mechanical and electrical components

4.1 The bearings are from Ha Erbin, Wa Fangdian and Luoyang brand.
4.2 Motors are from Chinese famous products.
4.3 AC driver is from the Danfoss brand.
4.4 DC driver is from SSD Parker 590 series brand.
4.5 PLC is from Siemens.
4.6 The touch screen is from Siemens.
4.7 Main low voltage electric components are from high quality and well-known Chinese brands.


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