65+35 cable extrusion production line


65+35 cable extrusion production line

A.Equipment Application

The unit is used for the production of medium and small section copper core insulation coating, mainly for thermoplastics such as polypropylene, soft polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene.

B.Main technical parameters
The screw diameterφ65(mm)
The screw length to diameter ratio25:01:00
The outputSPVC:120kg/h
Before the sheath of cable diameterφ3~φ20mm
After the sheath of cable diameterφ5~φ25mm
Maximum traction500kg
The length of the sink12m
Equipment center high1000mm
The power supplyThree-phase 380±10%,50Hz with neutral wire
C.Equipment Composition
φ1600 end of shaft motorized1 set
φ630 double wheel tensioning device1 set
SJ-65×25 units came out1 sets of
Sj35x article 25 bedroom injection machine1 sets of
φ25 co-extrusion head1 only
Drying and feeding device1 sets of
cooling water tank(12 m in cold water tank)Article 1.
Blow dry device1 sets of
TQD-500 tractors1 set
Spark machine1 set
Caliper gauge1 set
φ1600 end line frame1 set


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