150 armor sets of the extrusion production line


150 armor sets of the extrusion production line

A.Equipment Application:

The unit comfortable soft PVC,such as poly(PVC by hot press method to be extruded insulation wire core)

B.The production line to the requirement of working environment:

Temperature:0-45 degrees
Power supply:three-phase 380 plus or minus 10%,50 hz with neutral wire.No impulse voltage,interference.

C.Main technical parameters
The screw diameter 150mm
The screw length to diameter ratio 25:01:00
After sheath outside diameter φ35~140mm
Maximum traction 2500kg
The production line speed >40m/min
Steel specification PN1600-PN3150
The line plate specification PN1600-PN3150
Equipment center high 1000mm
Production line direction In the face of the nose left put right
D.Equipment composition
LF1600/3150 gantry rail walking type of passive motorized 1 sets of
TQD-2000kg crawler type pneumatic tractor traction before 1 sets of
SJ-150X25 plastic extruder 1 sets of
Automaic drying feeding device 1 sets of
φ140 square sheathed the nose 1 only
24 m stainless steel water trough(including 4 meters mobile sink) 1 sets of
Cable blow dry device 1 set
TQD-2500kg crawler type pneumatic tractor traction after 1 set
LSP1600 /walk type 3150 gantry rail line frame 1 sets of
Electrical synchronization control system 1 sets of


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