Coiling Wrapping and Packing Machine


Product Description


• Cable winding and packaging are completed in sequence, and the production speed is fast.
• Automatically adjusting wire-holding arms, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.
• Automatic labeling machine, no manual labeling, safer and more convenient.
• Automatic stacking system or automatic line board stacking system can be installed.
• When there is a problem, the error will be automatically detected and an alarm will be issued to remind the operator.
• Save labor expenses, expand production capacity, and enhance industrial automation.

Detailed Photos

Alpha-coiling-and-packing  Alpha-coiling-and-packing

Product Parameters

Type Height OD ID Wire diameter Packaging Materials coiled cable Average line output speed
(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
CP-350 60-100 350 170-220 4-12 PVC 10mm2 2-2.6rolls /min
CP-600 80-160 600 200-300 5-18 PVE 95mm2 1.5-2rolls/min

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