Aluminum or Aluminum Alloy Plate Continuous Casting and Rolling Line



It is composed of shaft melting furnace, holding furnace, casting machine ,rolling mill, lubrication system, plate quenching device, plate coiler ,electrical control system.


>It is mainly used to produce aluminium & aluminium alloy plate. The line is competitive in the related international products.With a high degree of automation,low energy consumption,the characteristics of the product quality is stable.

>The roller gap is adjusted by AGC system.Rolling reduction ratio is of optimization design which ensures the rolling precision reguirment of plate width and thickness.Good plate quality.

>High compression ratio,inner quality is good.

Technical data:

outlet plate thicknessmm 2-10mm
outlet plate widthmm 200-650mm
crystallizing wheel diamm Ø1400
casting bar sectionmm² 800-2000
production capcacityt/h 4-6
finished rolling speedm/min 20-40
No.of rolling stand 2-4
coils’weightt 1-2
main motor 132


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