UL+Z series copper rod continuous casting and rolling line


UL+Z series copper rod continuous casting and rolling line


It is composed of  melting furnace, tilting holding furnace, (reverberatory refining furnace), casting machine, automatic shearer, straightening and polishing machine, rolling mill, oil lubrication system,  cooling and de-oxidation unit, rod coiler, electrical control system.


According to different kinds of raw material (copper cathode or copper scrap), we can equip with different types of copper treatment furnace to produce ETP rod and FRHC rod separately.

The continuous casting machine has been awarded with the patent right (Patent No.: ZL200720079542.8). Casting wheel is of “H” type, on each side of which three is an adjustable nozzle spraying water to ensure the dense and even crystallization of the cast bar. The pneumatic system is used for tightening steel belt, easy for adjusting.

The continuous rolling mill has functions of automatic feeding and stop for rod pile-up. With a unique rolling mode combining two-high-roller stand with three-high-roller stand, the copper is provided with good mechanical property.

The main transmission system is in type of DC motor with full digital speed adjusting. By adopting PLC and man-machine interface, it can control the main machine and auxiliary components as complete line linked run. It can also monitor and display the running parameter of machines as well as indicate the failure.


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