Concentric copper tape screened 630 production line


A. Equipment Application

It is mainly used for wrapping non-metal materials such as polyester tape, non-woven fabric, glass cloth and semi-conductive cloth.

B. Main Technical Parameter
Rdiameter φ500 φ600 φ700 φ500 φ600
Width of  strip(mm) 15~60 15~80 15~80 15~80 15~100
Dia. of cable(mm) φ80 φ100 φ120 φ120 φ160
Max. rotation speed(rpm) 800 750 700 600 550
LF1600/3150 gantry type pf passive pay-off machine 1 set
φ500 / 2 non-metal winding head 1 set
φ630 copper lead 1set
TQDⅡ-1600 caterpillar 1 set
LSP1250/2500 gantry type take-up machine 1 set
Electric control system 1 set
Enable us to make a quotation for you. pls kindly revert to us for the below information:
 1. How many kgs/meters to extrusion per hour?
2. Reel/Flange Diameter, we need to quote correct take-up and pay off machine
3. Could you please send us a picture of your cable structure?
4. Extrusion material, I mean cable sheath material? Cable sheath thickness?
5.Cable size?
6.Cable pulling speed?


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