Wire Drawing Machine

The machine is used for drawing 8 copper wires at the same time.

1.2.1.Because the speed of each capstan is driven by a servo motor, the speed is adjustable. When a customer wants to change the output wire size, it only needs to change the final die, because the other dies do not need to be changed to match the gear ratio.
1.2.2.The torque of each motor reaches the torque needed by the former capstan, which means when one of the motors or bearings is damaged, it can be replaced by the next one. This machine still can keep working if there are any unoccupied capstans when one of the motors or bearings is in maintenance.
1.2.3.The speed of the main machine and take-up are all frequency controlled and regulated by a PLC with a professional program. Its tension is stable, and it has good synchronization. The elongation of copper wire is uniform. The speeds are precise at the states of start and stop, which reduces the length of the raw wire.
1.2.4.Permanent magnet synchronous servo motor can save 10% power consumption, and increase power factor. Meanwhile, directly driving without gears can save 40% on maintenance costs and improve machine stability. And the speed of the machine will not decrease because of no gear abrasion. Without gears, the noise will reduce.