Cable stranding machine

  • -JLK Rigid Stranding Machine

  • Application:
  • Sector Conductor Stranding and Compacting
  • Round Conductor Stranding and ClosingPre-spiral Sector/Milliken Segment Compacting
  • -Tubular Stranding Machine

  • Application:
  • Copper/Aluminum/Steel Wire Stranding
  • Steel Rope StrandingOPGW Cables Stranding
  • -JGB Skip Type Type Stranding Machine

  • Application:
  • Aluminum Wire StrandingCopper Wire Stranding

    Steel Wire Stranding

    ACSR Stranding

  • -Roll Form Double Twister

  • Application: Rolling and Forming the Round Al Wire into Trapezoid Wire, then, Stranding TW as Conductor
  • -Double Twister With Double Pitch

  • Application:
  • Copper Wire Stranding Aluminum Wire StrandingCopper Wire/Aluminum Wire Compacting