Cable materials

-Aluminum Tape

Our Advantage:

1.Bright silver, weather resistance, strong adhesion, good cold resistance and no residue.

2.A high tensile strength aluminum foil backing, combined with a high performance flame-retardant synthetic rubber-resin adhesive.

3.Silver color, easy to tear and use, good heat resistance and water resistance, easy-tear, flame and water proof, dust proof, heat-insulation, excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation, chemicals, solvents and humidity.

4.Aluminum tape is slitting by aluminum coil.

Water Blocking Yarn

Standard YD/T 1115.2-2001. 

The water block yarn consists two parts. One part is basing material, which is made of nylon or Polyester as reinforced rib to ensure the yarn to have better tensile strength and elongation. The other part contains the expansion powder and fiber of polyacrylic ester, Which is super water absorption polymer, After absorbing the water, it will swell quickly to full the gap of cable to meet the purpose of water blocking.

-Color Identification Tape

Type A:High Temperature Color Identification Tape

Mainly used for power cables, XLPE cables, replace the master batch of insulating or sheathing, can save a lot of costs.

After soaking in petroleum paste, the color does not fade and can withstand instant temperature of 230-250℃.

Type B : Low temperature identification tape

For color distinguishing in telecommunication cable and high voltage cross-iinked poivethviene insulated cable and local cable.


It is used to the filling the power cable, control cable, mine cable, telecom cable. This product is made of polypropylene as base material, adding environmental protection flame retardant agent, and processed by special machine to make high-strength mesh filling material, which is mainly used for filling high-grade flame-retardant special wire and cable. At the same time, it can increase the tensile strength of cable and make the cable round.

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