Cable sheathing extrusion machine

-High-speed Insulation Extrusion Production Line

Application of equipment

The unit can be suitable for the production of wire insulation coating, the material is soft polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polyethylene, low smoke halogen-free thermoplastics, double-layer double-color low smoke halogen-free material insulation with high efficiency, high efficiency and low consumption, high degree of automation characteristics.

-XLPE Insulation Extrusion Machine


The machine is suitable for hot extrusion of XLPE thermo plastics,for insulation of conductor or sheathing of cables.

-Extruding Insulated Sheathing Machine

Equipment Application:

Production line is suitable for medium and high voltage single core or multiple core power cable sheath of extruded and double layer extruded at a time. Suitable material for PVC, PE, low smoke zero halogen, conductive PVC, and conductive PE and so on.

-90+45 Double-colour Plastic Extruding Line


The unit optimal thermoplastic plastics such as PVC. PE etc, by using the hot press method to be extruded insulation or sheath wire conductor layer coated.