Marine cable laying machine


A. Description

The submarine cable laying machine is a special tractor used for laying submarine cables on the sea surface. The cabling machine is installed directly on the sea vessel. When the ship is sailing on the sea, the cabling machine pulls the submarine cable out of the cabin and directly throws it into the sea. The hauling speed of the cabling machine keeps track of the ship’s dirty speed and the sinking speed of the cable, and it must be kept in a matching relationship at all times. It is not affected by external factors such as waves, wind direction, etc. The submarine cable is put into a predetermined area, and the submarine cable cannot be damaged.

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1. The traction function of the cable machine follows the track structure. That is, the upper and lower sets of cylinders control the compression and release of the two tracks, and another cylinder is used to tighten the tracks. The two tracks are clamped or loosened by the clamping and releasing of the air cylinder. After the cable is clamped by the track, it moves with the track, the track moves, and the cable is pulled. Because the cable diameter of the cable laying machine is relatively large, the distance between the two tracks is also relatively large.
2. To meet the required friction. The track adopts a multiple-track structure, and the track wheels are also made into multiple-track wheels accordingly. This increases the contact area between the track and the track wheels, thereby increasing friction.
3. In order to improve the response-ability of the cable laying machine, a high-power variable frequency motor and a small speed ratio transmission chain must be selected according to the required traction force. To this end, a special body transmission device is designed on the cable laying machine. Through this design, a transmission chain from the motor, reducer, body transmission to the track wheels is formed on the cable laying machine, ensuring sufficient traction under the premise of fast response to sailing speed. In addition, in order to prevent electrical failures, a clutch and a pneumatic brake device are provided between the external reduction gearbox and the body transmission device to meet the needs of different working modes.
4. In order to meet the practical needs of laying cables with different diameters and making cable connectors, pneumatic guides are installed at the entrances and exits of the cables. The device drives two arc-shaped connecting rods to move up and down by an air cylinder, and the two connecting rods drive two vertical guide rollers to quickly close or separate along a horizontally placed guide rail. This device is much more efficient than manually adjusting the distance between two vertical guide rollers.
5. In order to make the cable distribution machine suitable for the needs of offshore operations, to prevent the body from corrosive air from eroding the body, the cable distribution machine body has been treated with anticorrosion. Stainless steel is used in many places. In terms of electrical appliances, the protection level and waterproof requirements have been increased, and every effort has been made to prevent the adverse environment from eroding the body and prolong the service life of the machine.


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