Low-smoke halogen-free aluminum alloy conductor XLPE insulated aluminum alloy tape interlocking armored PVC sheathed power cable


[Product features]: On the premise of achieving the same electrical performance, aluminum alloy

The comprehensive application cost of the cable is about 50% lower than that of the copper core cable.

Conductor creep resistance, high flexibility, strong extension, low rebound connection Stable insulation: high temperature resistance, anti-burning, anti-aging, strong and durable, low carbon and environmental protection.

Armor layer: superior performance, special self-locking form, strong and tough.

Outer sheath: lead-free and cadmium-free pvc. It can be installed in wet places, or directly buried or laid in cement. It has been widely used in developed countries such as the United States and Canada.

[use Application]: Fixed laying in the air, indoors, cable trenches, tunnels

Road or underground, XLPE insulated thick steel wire armored polyethylene sheathed power cables are fixed and laid in places that are required to withstand large tensile forces.

Aluminum Alloy Conductor XLPE Insulated Aluminum Alloy Tape Interlocking Bare Armoured Power Cable

[Product features]: The use of compacted rare earth high iron aluminum alloy conductors, high

Flexible, easy to bend, low rebound, creep resistance, corrosion resistance, stable connection;

The insulation is cross-linked polyethylene, which is resistant to high temperature, moisture, combustion, aging, and durability;

The armor layer is made of aluminum alloy belt chain armor, which is compressive and impact resistant, strong and tough.

[use Application]: The strength of the armor layer of the cable is high, which is stronger than that of the steel tape armor.

Lightweight, easier to peel, easy to install, can be installed without bridges, reduce the demand for pipes, super flexible, can effectively avoid wire damage. It is suitable for dry places at 90°C; it can be installed indoors or outdoors, can be installed vertically, or can be installed on a bracket or along the wall. The minimum bending radius is 7 times the outer diameter. It is suitable for civil, commercial, industrial, large venues, and entertainment venues. Mine, subway and other places.

Anticorrosion performance When the surface of aluminum alloy is in contact with air, a thin and strong oxide layer is formed immediately. This oxide layer is particularly resistant to various forms of corrosion. Aluminum is widely used as a conductor for cables in trays because of its ability to withstand the harshest environments. In sulfur-containing environments, such as railway tunnels and other similar places, aluminum CABLE is much MORE RESISTANT TO CORROSION than COPPER cable.

U Um U0
Type I cable Type II cable
1 1.2 0.6 0.6
3 3.6 1.8 3.6
6 7.2 3.6 6
10 12 6 8.7
15 17.5 8.7 12
20 24 12 18
35 42 21 26

Widely used in high-rise buildings, civil construction, star hotel, hospital, theatre, conference center, library, museum,
government agencies, radio and television center, sports center, financial center, industrial and mining, petrochemical industry,airport, tunnel, subway, light rail, underground garage, civil air defense, ships and offshore oil platform, steel smelting,shopping centers, parking lots, etc.



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