Cable bobbin


For cable, steel wire, steel rope, copper, aluminum,and welding wire, ect.

Standard ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification to ensure the quality of the product.Our products by GB4004-83, JB / T8997, DIN46397, DIN46395 standard production, and according to the user’s special needs, design, customized various types of non-standard products.


  • Double layer high speed bobbin
  • Flat high speed bobbin
  • Punching bobbin
  • Metal flange process bobbin
  • Enhanced metal flange process bobbin
  • Enhanced type machine bobbin
  • Corrguated bobbin
  • Reinforced corrguated bobbin
  • Collapsible bobbin
  • Degassing bobbin
  • Bobbin for annealing
  • Plastic bobbin