Cable reeling and coiling machine to our Amercian customer


We are pleased to inform you that one of our US customers recently paid for six of cable reeling and coiling machines.

This is our newly designed cable reeling and coiling machine, which is very popular among our customers. We can add wheels to the base according to customer needs to make the machine mobile and more convenient for use.
Alpha-cable reeling and coiling machine

The following are the parameters of the machine:

Technical parameters:

  1. Installation reel range: PN800~1250 type (inner hole Φ80mm)
  2. Plate width 600-950mm
  3. 3. Coil support form: shaftless type ( top cone type)
  4. 4. Cable reel lifting structure: electric lifting
  5. 5. Lifting structure: motor + reduction + screw type (WPWDKO80 type)
  6. 6. Winding power: 7.5kw
  7. 7. Winding speed: 5~50 rpm (maximum speed 100 m/min)
  8. 8. Cable arrangement: Polished pole cable arrangement (GP30 type)
  9. 9. Mechanical flat roller meter counting machine
  10. 10. Lift control: electrical cabinet
  11. 11. The plate moves left and right: ground rail movement
  12. 12. Meter counting method: magnet sensor + electronic meter counter

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