Automatic cantilever type take-up and winding machine for wire and cable

Product Description
Take-up and pay-off machine are mainly used for winding various signal cable, optical cable, etc.
longterm-cable take up machine

Feature of machine

The whole machine adopts a cantilever type without pulley structure, and the alignment method of the ball screw and the linear slide rail is used to ensure that the cable layout and spacing are stable and the tension is uniform. The man-machine interface of the whole machine is simple and convenient to operate, with touch screen display, PLC control, twist distance, speed, meter can be displayed and set at any time, and has the common fault display function.
longterm-cable take up machine
Machine Details
Bobbin size
Bobbin Width
Adaptor hole diameter
Applied cable diameter range
Bobbin weight
Line speed:
– 26.52rpm (50HZ) 53rpm (100HZ)
Take-up model:
– 15kw 1500rpm Siemens AC servo motor drive, Speed and tension control can be achieved
longterm-cable take up machine

Main Technology

Temperature :0~45 ℃
Power supply :3 phase 415±10%, 50 Hz with neutral wire.
1700 Hydraulic Cantilever Type Take-up with traverse
The machine adopts double sleeve structure to enhance the bearing capacity of the equipment, Cantilever hydraulic lifting, easy to operate.
Using ball screw to traverse wire, suitable for different wire diameter with high precision.
-End shaft type bilateral clamping, cantilever adopts hydraulic electric lifting, bobbin clamping and loosening by motor.
-Apply bobbin size: φ800-1700mm
-Bobbin width 500~1200mm
-Adaptor hole diameter Φ75\150mm
-Applied cable diameter range: ≤Φ10~60mm
-Bobbin weight: ≤4t,
-Line speed: 26.52rpm (50HZ) 53rpm (100HZ)
-Lifting mode: adopt electro-hydraulic lifting mode
-Bobbin Clamping mode: 400W deceleration motor clamping
-Take-up model: 15kw 1500rpm Siemens AC servo motor drive, Speed and tension control can be achieved
-Take-up torque: Max ~4600 NM
-The wire traversing adopts AC servo motor drive, ball screw traversing wire, pitch: 0 ~ 40mm, and synchronization with Take-up.
-The device contains pneumatic brakes that can be used to brake rapidly during downtime.
-Siemens S7-1200 PLC control, 7-inch touch screen control wiring traversing, wiring pitch can be set on the touch screen
-Main parts bearing use NSK
longterm-cable take up machine

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