Y-shape Take-up with traverse ( Heavy duty)


A.Equipment Application:

Mainly used for winding various signal cables and optical cables.

B.Structure Characteristics:
  • The mechanism is made of high-quality rectangular steel pipe and steel plate. The beam adopts two large I-beam interconnection structures, which are beautiful in appearance, good in steel and high in strength.
  • Adopts the way of walking beam, the whole cable tray for wiring,implementation of pay-off and take-off.
  • The cable adopts the AC variable frequency motor to adjust the speed line, with high precision and uniform cable.
  • PLC programmable controller can be controlled with various types of hosts.
  • Take-up primary motor
    Line the main motor adopts DC motor,controller for European series products.
    Line the main motor adopts frequency conversion motor,controller for Siemens or Danfoss products.


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